• Creating Peace of Mind for St. Louis Property Owners

  • For those new to the world of residential leasing, the efforts involved in maintaining a rental property can feel overwhelming. From answering late-night maintenance requests to collecting overdue rent, it can be easy for an income property to feel more like a headache than an asset. 

    When you turn to a professional property management company, like West End, you gain access to a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to making your job as a property owner as seamless as possible. Protecting the value of your real estate investment is our promise; let us show you how we can help. Our menu of services include:

    1. 24/7 Online Owner Portal- An online system designed specifically for your property management account. Owners can check income and expenses, chat with their designated property manager, edit payment information and more.

    2. Full-Service Accounting- Our full-time bookkeeper publishes monthly income and expense reports to the owner portal. Additionally, at year's end we'll send a 1099.

    3. 24/7 Online Tenant Portal- Tenants can use their online portal to pay monthly rent and submit maintenance requests (All maintenance requests are required to be submitted online).

    4. Move-Out Facilitation- At lease end, we'll conduct a move-out inspection, collect keys and secure the property. Additionally, we will coordinate with you to have your security deposit disbursed accordingly. 

    5. Real-Time Maintenance Reporting- When your tenant submits a maintenance request through the tenant portal, you'll be notified in real-time through our software.

    6. Repair Facilitation-If and when we receive maintenance requests, we have full-time staff available to make the necessary repairs (upon owner's approval).

    7. Inspections (As Needed)- In addition to the move-in inspection, your property manager will conduct one complimentary inspection throughout the course of the lease at owner's request.

    8. Landlord Protection Pledge- Provides a $450 credit toward legal fees in the event a tenant is past due on rent, abandons the property or requires an eviction.