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Why Use A Professional Leasing Company?

More and more American homeowners are now considering residential leasing as a plausible alternative to selling their home. There are many reasons for doing so, including:
  • Owing too much on a mortgage to sell
  • Work relocation
  • A depressed home value
  • Curiosity about keeping as a rental investment
West End’s comprehensive package of leasing services includes the designation of an experienced leasing agent who can find a qualified tenant for your property in minimal time. We charge zero administrative and marketing fees- meaning we don’t get paid until there is a qualified tenant in your property!
Our residential leasing services include:
  1. Prospective Tenant Showing Coordination– We’ll coordinate all showings with you and ensure a West End Agent is present for each showing of your property
  2. Marketing– We’ll get your rental in front of potential tenants from the start- marketing it through online channels such as the MLS, Zillow, Hotpads, Realtor.com, and more!
  3. Tenant History Background Checks– We run background checks on all applicants, including criminal, sex offender, and credit. Additionally, we’ll verify employment, check tenant rental history and conduct an ID Check
  4. Lease Negotiation– We negotiate on the owner’s behalf, ensuring the terms of the lease have your stamp of approval
  5. Lease Composition– Once the terms are agreed upon, we’ll draft the lease and take care of any legally required documents
  6. Municipality Inspection– We schedule and coordinate all inspections to ensure your home is code compliant. If there are any code infractions, we facilitate the necessary repairs and schedule the re-inspection (If the property is managed)
  7. Move-In Inspection– On move-in day, we’ll meet your tenant at the property, hand over keys and garage door openers, and conduct a move-in inspection of the property (If the property is managed)
  8. Tenant Handbook– Our handbooks provide instructions pertaining to house maintenance and, with your input, special instructions on how to handle your particular property (If the property is managed)
Looking for professional support past move-in day? Learn about our full-service property management services.