Frequently Asked Questions

What Will Your Home Rent For?

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  • What Process Do You Use To Screen Potential Tenants?

    At West End, finding a great tenant is a top priority. That’s why we carefully screen each applicant, running extensive background checks that include criminal, sex offender and credit. Additionally, we verify employment, explore applicant rental history and perform an identification check.

  • When Should I Expect To Receive My Monthly Rent?

    Rent is due by the first of the month. After the monthly management fee is deducted, along with any approved maintenance bills, the owner withdrawal is processed by our accounting department. Owners should expect remaining funds to be direct deposited or mailed between the 15th and 18th of each month.

  • Do You Also Manage Commercial Properties?

    No, West End focuses solely on the leasing and management of residential properties in the St. Louis and St. Charles area.

  • I Already Have A Tenant In My Property, Will You Still Manage It?

    Yes. By choosing “Occupancy Management Only”, West End will address all property issues from the point your tenant takes occupancy of the residence through the lease term.

  • What About Repairs and Maintenance?

    West End requires all tenant maintenance requests to be submitted online via the tenant portal. You will be notified in real time of any maintenance request.

    In the event of a maintenance emergency (fire, flood, etc.), West End reserves the right to employ stopgap measures to maintain the integrity of the home.

  • Do I Have Any Input On What Repairs Are Performed?

    Absolutely! As a property management client, you have previously approved minor repairs up to a certain price point (typically a few hundred dollars). If the cost of the repair should exceed this pre-determined price point, we will reach out seeking your written approval for repair facilitation, typically via email.

    Note: Please be aware that there are a number of common transitional repairs that may need to occur within the first few weeks of tenant occupancy. We encourage owners to be prepared for maintenance requests during this period.

  • Do You Conduct Property Inspections?

    Upon owner’s request, Broker/Manager shall provide a complimentary property evaluation one (1) time per year, consisting of a visual inspection of the property and a written report, which may or may not include photographs. Owner agrees to pay Broker/Manager a fee of $90 for any additional evaluations.